Pricing Guide On How Much You Should Spend On A Website

Survey reveals how much freelancers really charge for a website in 2019 Pricing is one of the difficult things to work out as a freelancer. Knowing how much the services of others cost can be a great help.

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How much do you really have to pay for a landing page or a full static website?

Foylo surveyed their design community to answer the question how much they would charge to create a landing page or a full website. Although they only interviewed 209 freelancers, it does offer up some noteworthy results. All prices are for design only, they don’t include any source code.

Website landing page: Up to $5000 (price recommendation $1,900)

The price for creating a landing page depends on the features you need to have on the webpage. Foylo reveals that freelancers charge up “to $5,000 for a full-featured landing page”.  The average price for a landing page is $1,900, since the highest percentage of people (31 per cent) get paid between $1,000 and $2,500.

Full static website: up to $15,000 (price recommendation $4000)

Websites are the most in-demand type of contract. Furthermore they are the most difficult to price. The cost varies greatly, depending on the project. Foylo stated that for a “basic website, that has a homepage, a basic page template, and 1 or 2 additional layouts,” “you’re going to need to budget at least $4,000”,”Beyond that you’re looking at a lot more.”

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