Top 10 “404 error pages” in 2019

What if we told you that your 404 error page could actually increase your traffic and boost conversions? The right error page can turn lost visitors into loyal customers. In this post we're going to cover 10 of the best 404 pages we've seen to inspire your own designs.

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These 404 error pages display intelligence, humor and great user experience. 

A 404 page is where you get when you try to access a web page that doesn’t exist. If you’re creating a website, you’re surely going to need one. They’re usually causing immense frustration, but the best 404 pages turn the situation into the brand’s favor.

We discovered 404 pages that use beautiful design, good user experience or wit to sugar the pill of finding yourself in the wrong place. 

The greatest 404 error pages represent the site’s commitment to customer service or unique design style. It might even be shared on Social Media and therefore acting as a mini ambassador for the website. Check out the best error pages around to be inspired to think outside the box with your own.

Email Center UK


Cloud Sigma


Salt City Builds


Daniel Karcher Film Design Studios

Marvel App

CSS- Tricks

Blue Fountain Media

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